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Welcome to Psychophonetics in the UK

All human challenges are opportunities for spiritual development.

We are delighted to provide courses for health, education, organisations, complementary and creative sectors as well as people striving towards sustainability. The short courses and professional qualifications offer experiential leadership, resilience training and much more.

Bespoke courses are also available in addition to the talks, workshops, master Classes, CPD and consultancy in London, the South West, South East and the Midlands. See Psychophonetics Training

A growing number of UK qualified Psychophonetics Practioners are working as creative coaches, counsellors, mentors, psychotherapists and consultants working with enterprises – groups or individually in the UK, Europe, Australia, North and South America. See Psychophonetics Therapy.

Psychophonetics Philosophical and practical Anthroposophical meditation is introduced on courses at Emerson College, Forest Row. See Psychosophy

Click here for a short interview given by Yehuda Tagar, the creator of Psychophonetics, in 2009.


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“The purpose of modern psychology is the transformation of lIfe-challenges into opportunities for spiritual development.”
Yehuda Tagar
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