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Welcome to Psychophonetics in the UK with the British College of Methodical Empathy

Psychophonetics is a modality which teaches people key skills for developing greater self-awareness and self-management for the purpose of personal sustainability. These life skills enable participants to become one’s own leader, but also provide the individual with a new strength for managing his or her life on all levels of social interaction – professional, relationship and parenting.

British College of Methodical Empathy provides a range of training options for individuals within the business and therapy sectors, as well as the artistic and human services sectors.

Humanizing The Workplace is offered as Business Consultancy to companies and their employees who wish to make a shift from present levels of performance, productivity and team work into excellence and the fuller realisation of the Company’s ethos and aspirations.


Leadership & Mentorship see more training, consultancy and articles

Stress management and prevention for burn out – see articles, workshops

Recovery from childhood sexual abuse – World Council of Psychotherapists Congress 2014 – see more resources/articles+ other topics

UK Practioners – see more Therapists

Therapeutic  & Philosophy Background– see more Psychophonetics, Psychosophy

Click here for a short interview given by Yehuda Tagar, the creator of Psychophonetics, in 2009.


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“The purpose of modern psychology is the transformation of lIfe-challenges into opportunities for spiritual development.”
Yehuda Tagar
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